Minimalistic, functional and responsibly produced kids’ frames. Kind to our children and our planet.


Our kids sizes XXS (age 5-8) and XS (age 9-12) are downsized eyewear classics with tailored design features improving life for kids wearing glasses.

All BioBio kids frames have a bendable rubber end tip for easy adjustment at home. This feature prevents the glasses from sliding down the nose as you can adjust the fit from time to time.

All our kids frames are also equipped with shock resistant flex hinges from OBE Germany, solid enough to be hit by a football or two. These curated hinges are also durable due to the spare springs provided that can be replaced if needed.

To make sure our kids also are protected against harmful UV rays we have developed a tailored clip-on available for all models, easy to attach and remove. 

Just as for our adult sizes the frames are produced in the eco-friendly thermoplastic, M49, made by only natural ingredients.


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