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How we rethink design and production

It is said that the average eyeglass wearer changes eyeglasses every third year. Despite of this most eyewear brands launch new collections more than four times a year.

The many collections and large number of styles result in overproduction, dead stock and difficulties for the end consumer to navigate within the collections, understanding what style and size that suits them. It also results in high markups to cover the cost of unsold products.

BIOBIO was founded as a reaction to this. We want to drive positive change within the eyewear industry by offering one permanent collection designed to last. In this way we avoid overproduction, dead stock and high markups. Our collection of essentials combined with our extended and simplified sizing system also makes it easier for the end consumer to find the style and size that is right for them.

To us sustainability means more than using eco-friendly materials. It also means to rethink the design and production of eyewear and inspire people to make better choices.

Our standards
/ Our Mission

We believe in simplicity and in producing less and better. Because of this, we have reduced the BIOBIO collection to the very essence - offering few considered eyewear essentials, designed to last beyond seasons.