Bio-acetate is an eco-friendly version of plastic, made without crude oil, that biodegrades after only 115 days.



The raw materials used to make Mazzucchelli's M49 bio-acetate are wood pulp and a plasticizer derived from a vegetable origin. This means the material is composed mainly of materials from renewable sources. The cellulose acetate used to make M49 comes from wood whose cultivation and harvest are managed according to the guidelines of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Mazzucchelli: "In order to define a plastic material as biodegradable, the degree of biodegradation must reach 90% in an incubation time of no more than 6 months. The degree of biodegradation of M49 exceeds 90% already after 115 days of incubation and is therefore biodegradable (according to the UNI-EN-ISO 14855-2: 2018 standard)."

"The production and use of bio-based material has a double advantage: on the one hand, the use of fossil, and therefore limited, fuels (oil) is reduced, on the other hand the emissions of greenhouse gases are reduced."

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